About Us

Meet the Alcantars

We are just a normal family that loves to be around each other and travel. So we decided for the next  little while that we will hit the beautiful U.S.A, then the World by Land, Sea and Air. We are known for being very spontaneous and this adventure is no different. Our attitude is "We will figure this out together". We are excited for all the adventures, experiences and trials that await us!

How did this come about?

The Alcantar Family has a special love for LDS Temples. We decided to travel around the World to visit as many LDS Temples as we can. So from conception to trip 3 weeks we packed up our house, started the kids in online schooling, bought and RV and had a VERY ruff game plan. We decided to just go for it. 

Our Travel Plans

Phase 1

Starts in an R.V. traveling the U.S.A 

First visiting all the states we can, all the LDS Temples, Historical sites and offering service along the way. 

Phase 2

After a couple of months of enjoying all the the U.S.A has to offer we will head to Europe to start our international Travels and plan our route along the way. ANY and ALL advice welcome as we planned all this in a matter of 3 weeks. 


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