Meet the Family

Mom - Ange / Dad - Sal

Ange is a 32 year old Mother, Wife and Sister and has have a love for life. She love to travel and lives life to the fullest. Sal is a 41 year old Father, Husband, Son and Brother. An Entrepreneur that has the best Business Partners in the world. We try to let our Faith guide our actions. We love to travel and are excited for our family to grow in unknown ways!

Dokken Alcantar

Dokken is 19 years old and has a passion for adventure and loves his friends. Dokken has traveled to more that 30 states in less than 2 years. Dokken is very charismatic, energetic and creative and has a bright future in front of him as he ventures through this world. 

Drezen Alcantar

Drezen has very specific loves in life, in no particular order: Triathlons, BYU, Family and JamesTheMormon music. Dre is very competitive and is excited to take in the beautiful sites with his family. He has competed in many triathlons and sub 2:00 hour half marathons.

Zander Alcantar

Zander loves people and life! He is our social butterfly he loves being around people and everyone is a friend. Zander is very artistic and exremely creative. He is excited to travel in the R.V

Sawyer Alcantar

Sawyer is our bundle of joy! His happy disposition is extremely contagious and his little smile can brighten anyone's day. He wants to fly around the world. 

Ambrey - Jae Alcantar

Ambrey-jae is our little Princess her big brothers adore her and she loves them! She is a mini Ange, self aware with attitude and beauty! Even though she will be to young to remember this journey we will treasure the memories for her.