What we WILL accomplish throughout our Journey

Goals in Detail

Unlimited Memories

We once read an advertisement at a boat show that read " You only have 18 summers left with your kids ". We went out and bought a bought ASAP so we could build as many MEMORIES as we could. We love our kids and know that Families are how God shows his love. 

160 Service Hours

This journey can not be all about travel and fun.We love serving people and this journey will give us a chance to serve more. Our Annual Christmas party where we feed hundreds of  people and bring in 15 tons of snow to play in along with our hugh Christmas light show! The Alcantar Family has decided to make this count we will offer weekly service each state we visit or we CAN NOT count that state as being visited. https://www.justserve.org/

LDS Temples

The Alcantars love to see the Temple and they are going to see ALL of them someday! Visiting every Temple is what started this whole Journey. We will visit each Temple and to make it count Ange and Sal will have to each assist in 1 ordinances at EACH Temple for it to count!  https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/topics/temples?lang=eng

25,000 Miles

25,000 Miles !! Is that how far we are actually traveling? Well we don't know for sure, but what we do know is that will will be covering thousands of miles. Not only will we be travel in the U.S.A but we will be covering some serious mileage when we start Phase 2 Abroad around the world. 

50 States

48 of the United States will be completed by driving Hawaii and Alaska we will visit by plane or sea TBD. But remember in order for a state visit to count we must participate in service hours. Then Europe and the World.

1 Family

Honestly, from inception of this idea to pulling out of our driveway will be only 3 weeks. As a family we can do anything,  not only accomplishing something, but do it with a positive attitude is our GOAL! We would love to travel with any other families even if its not as extreme as what we are doing. Come with and lets journey!