Sharon Vermont Quick Visit but worth it!

What a fun way for our Friends and Family to experience this journey with us! We hope you all enjoy! Sharon Vermont the Birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Niagra Falls Video

We loved every minute of our visit to the Niagra Falls this was one of our hightlights. Enjoy the video!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Temple

Burrrrrrr !!!!!!!

It was chilly out But it sure was worth the drive. This is the most North Eastern visit of our trip so far. 4 days visiting New Brunswick then Nova Scotia. Such a difference from Toronto and Montreal Canada.

Pure Michigan

Just a random find we loved every bit of Michigan. We found this little gem in the middle of Michigan kids had a blast. 

Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio !!!

The kids love them some Great Wolf Lodge! They love the water parks and the Maji Quest game. 

Ohio Church History

A ton of church history we ALL learned so much and testimonies were edified. The kids said they learned a ton and these sites brought to life LDS history!

Keepin it Kentucky

Great people, amazing views and fun memories. We loved every bit of our Kentucky time and yes we did eat Kenucky Fried Chicken there. 

Washington D.C Night Tour

We were able to see our beautiful Nation's Capital at night. It was an amazing and educational trip! Alcantars love this great country we live in and feel it is such a blessing. We are greatful to our founding fathers!

Ocean Odyssey New York

This might be the kids funnest field trip for school so far! Such a fun and interactive way to learn. If your in NYC with kids this is a must!

Goodbye New York

We packed more in a week in NYC then we thought possible the kids were troopers and never complained about walking, subways and new experiences

Big Announcement THE BEGINING

This is our first video we made announcing our plans. things change along the way almost daily!

Quick update

Almost time to hit the road! We are figuring it out as we go. R.V living how hard can it be? We will find out we are excited!

Breakers Mansion Rhode Island

Now this is really living! Amazing places in this world! This was just a random visit to a fun place. 

Boston MA

Historic Boston, Freedom Trail Boston Tea Party so many fun places to see in MA we want to go back for a month.